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House share

Buying a house is not cheap this is why house share is sensible choice for some people if they want to save up for a deposit. This type of renting is increasingly popular among some people. A proof of increasing of this sector is house prices soaring again. Banks are reluctant to lend therefore people as far as in their 40s are priced up of the property market and sharing a house with friends or strange people is inevitable choice.

Sharing a house is very common among young people, professionals who are working in different cities for limited period of time or students.

If you are looking for a room to rent, check today if we have the room available here or +447533957276.

You must be prepared to share a bathroom, living room and kitchen. Rooms are usually lockable to secure some privacy. There may be as many as 7 people sharing one house. Make sure the property is spacious enough to allow you feel comfortable there.

Are you interested in house share or have a question? Just drop us an email and ask anything you would like to know.

It is up to you what kind of accommodation you choose, do not forget that Manchester is amazing city where to spend some time.

We have single room as well as double rooms available for you to move in.

When I was new to the UK I was always sharing a house and sometimes a room. It is ok to do so before you get to know foreign country. I sometimes miss sharing a house because you are never alone. Some people are extroverts so it is preferable for them to share even their own home. It is always about the people you live with.

Check with the landlord what they are going to do with your deposit>>

Good thing about sharing is that mostly you are not responsible for bills in the house and do not have to collect money from other housemates. It is usually down to a landlord to pay the bills. Ideal situation is when you have all bills included in the rent so you do not have to worry about empty rooms in the house.


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3 reasons to stay in Manchester

  • 1. Manchester is vibrant city with 3 universities and well known for its football, shopping and night life.
  • 2. It has International Airport where we can meet you and provide transport.
  • 3. Within 2 hours of driving you can visit amazing places such as York, Chester, Liverpool, Lake Districk, Peak Districk and many more.